Samsung develops 4Gb chip promising 32GB DDR3 memory modules

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Samsung like to develop a lot of world firsts and this time it is the world's first 4Gb (bit) DDR3 DRAM PC that will be capable of making 32GB (Byte) DIMM modules. Sweet Jesus that would mean that my PC could have 128GBs of ram! Not that many applications could make the most of that, but at least it could give you some bragging rights.

The new chips use the 50-nm fabrication process compared to the 90nm process of older generations, this allows the new chips consume 40% less power than previous DD3 memory modules.

Samsung wont be releasing the 32GB chips straight away but plan to roll out 16GB versions for servers, 8GB DDR3 DIMMs for desktops, and 8GB SO-DIMMs for laptops.

Exactly when and for how much is still a bit of a mystery.


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