Samsung Compacts : ST30 “party camera” & ST6500

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Samsung has unveiled two brand new compact snappers the ST30 “party camera” a simple every day pull out and shoot compact and a slightly more upmarket snapper in the ST6500. Everyone loves cameras let’s face it and social networking has made the digital photo all that more while. Obviously mobile phones these days pack decent enough cameras but they’re still not quite as good as the real thing.


The ST30 is quite a basic affair. It’s not super special by any means, but that’s not what it’s going for. This is an everyday use compact, designed to fit into a pocket or bag (it’s only a measly 16.9mm in size), to be pulled out whenever the need takes you to take simple photographs whether at parties, out on the tiles or on holiday. It has a 10megapixel sensor and a decent 3x optical zoom. There’s also image stabilization to stop you getting blurred shots from an unsteady hand. Also whats great about this camera is it retails for around £89 so it wont break the bank.


The ST6500 however is a more upmarket model. The major draw to this model is the design which Samsung has said it’s a better fit in the users hand down to its 7 degree angled body, making it easy to just pull out and shoot…… Specs wise it has a massive 16MP sensor, 5x optical zoom, 720p video capture and has a built in editing feature. For all these extra goodies though you’ll have to dig a little bit deeper in your wallet and fork out around £199.99

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