Samsung Acme i8910 revealed

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Samsung have been releasing some impressively spec’d phones recently including the WM 6.1 powered Omnia with 8GB of internal memory and the S60 3rd Edition powered INNOV8 (i8510) with 8 megapixel camera and 8GB or 16GB of internal memory.

Unfortunately the INNOV8 (i8510) didn't seem to see much love in the UK, I don’t recall any of the main carriers stocking it on their website, and they certainly don’t seem to now. It is available from 3rd party companies such as but in general only the 8GB version is available, it is also available Sim free from other online retailers but it can be pushing on £500 to buy.

However a follow up to the i8510 has now been revealed which is the Samsung Acme i8910. Hopefully this phone will get a little more love compared to the i8510 as it seems to of retained the excellent specification with some nice little improvements.

The Acme i8910 will run Symbian S60 5th Edition OS, it will have a glass Glass AMOLED touch screen display, 8 GB or16 GB internal memory, HD video recording, DLNA and DivX support HDMI output, 3.5mm audio jack, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

So it certainly looks like a beast of a phone, and will definitely act as competition to Nokia’s N97.


More photos and a comparison to its predecessor after the jump.

Original story via BGR via Daily Mobile

We don’t have the full details of the i8910 so comparison is a little hard

Acme i8910 INNOV8 (i8510)
OS Symbian S60 5th Edition OS Symbian S60 rd Edition
Size No word as of yet 106.5 x 53.9 x 17.2 mm
Weight No word as of yet 136 g
Screen Glass AMOLED touchscreen display TFT, 16M colours,240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches
Memory 8/16 GB internal memory 8/16 GB internal memory
Camera 8 megapixel camera with 9x digital zoom 8 MP,
GPS GPS and probably A-GPS function Built-in GPS receiver, A-GPS function
Other features DLNA and DivX support
HD video recording
3.5mm audio jack
HDMI output
DivX/H.263/H.264/WMV/MP4 player
3.5 mm audio jack
TV out functionality
FM radio with RDS

The 2 main things worth noting is the upgrade to Symbian S60 5th Edition OS which should provide a significant improvement to the user experience and possible built in applications of the phone. Secondly there is the impressive sounding Glass AMOLED touchscreen display this in theory should provide a significant improvement over picture quality and improvements battery life as OLED should use less juice than TFT. The AMOLED should also avoid the annoying issue when the light times out on the phone as OLEDs don’t require backlighting.

Another interesting inclusion is the HDMI output, the old i8510 did have TV out functionality but I am unsure if it was HDMI.






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