Sadly, it is quite rare for people to have a reliable backup strategy for their important data. Hard drives are generally very reliable, but dependant on the specific drive the annual failure rate of a drive can be over 3%, combined with the growth of malware and ransomware, the chances of uses losing important data such as photos or music is much more likely than you would imagine.

User error is also a major factor when it comes to lost data; it is very easy to delete something with a couple of clicks accidentally. We have all done it one time or another; no one is perfect.

In the unfortunate event, you do lose your data, all is not necessarily lost. Hard drives don’t actually delete data, they remove the index to the data and then it gets written over as new files are added to the drive. So, it is possible to recover deleted music on mac for example.

How to recover deleted photos on a Mac

If you do lose your data for whatever reason, Disk Drill can help you recover deleted photos on macOS. This great piece of software has a free option as well as a pro option that can both help recover lost data on the mac and prevent data loss using SMART disk monitoring and the opportunity to back up a failing drive into a DMG file for a restore later.

In order to recover deleted photos on a mac, it is just a 8 step process if you are recovering files from the same computer Disk Drill is installed on, with the software guiding you through each step, you can read more info on the official website.

How to recover deleted photos on an iPhone

In the case of an iPhone, all deleted pictures on iOS devices are automatically moved into the Recently Deleted album. They stay in this album for 30 days before they are finally deleted. The Recently Deleted album cannot be disabled, but it can be quickly erased, which may come in handy if you want to get rid of embarrassing photos.

If you cannot restore the photos from the deleted pictures folder, then Disk Drill is also useful for iPhone photo recovery and with the software installed onto your mac you can connect your iPhone to your computer and use the recovery options listed within the software. The software will guide you through the process, and you can read more info here

Overall, the software is straightforward to use, it has a wide range of options to protect and recover your data, and for $89 it is a bargain if you have accidentally deleted any priceless photos or hard to get music files.