Placing wagers, online and offline, has turned into a hugely popular way of adding some extra spice to life. The delicious anticipation of a possible life-changing win makes this a memorable way of testing out whether it is your lucky day.

Do you sometimes wonder how the people who run these games ensure that they are fair, though? The truth is that the use of cutting-edge technology has made sure that you can now play with more confidence in the fairness of the results.

What Is a Random Insured Number Generator?

This technology (also known as RiNGTM) has added a new element to online gaming. It works by delivering true quantum randomness to the results of games. There is never any doubt about the results that are generated in this way.

This technology introduces a multi-layer secured and protected environment. It also comes with a reliable time-stamping mechanism that cuts out any risk of the results being tampered with by anyone at any time, ensuring that online wagering can be done with complete confidence.The company behind this evolutionary new approach is Lottoland. Their RING lottery website gives the opportunity to bet on the likes of the EuroMillionaire GO! game. This lottery offers a jackpot on the hour every hour.

What Else Does This Technology Do?

As if that wasn’t enough, RiNG technology also offers another benefit. In fact, this is what is most noticeable to players, as it allows for instant payouts on winning bets. This can apply to lotteries, scratchcards and other types of instant win game. The reason that operators can offer instant wins in this way is that the RiNG system provides an insurance infrastructure that allows for fast and streamlined payouts. Of course, all that the winning player sees is that they get paid immediately without any fuss or delay.

This has already allowed for new games with big, instant prizes to be introduced. These include the world’s biggest ever scratchcard prize. This game comes with a stunning £10 million jackpot. Deciding how to spend so much money would be a delightful problem.

Lottery Tickets” (CC BY 2.0) by Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos

What Does the Future Hold?

It seems clear that this new method of ensuring fair results and instant wins will lead to more new games being launched. The public loves to see huge jackpots up for grabs and operators know that offering instant wins makes their games more appealing.

Bearing this in mind, it is to be expected that we see jackpots rise even more. More and more people should have their lives greatly enhanced with amazing wins in the next few years, as more games using this system are added.

Naturally, anything that increases the fairness and speed of payout should also encourage more people to try out online lotteries and scratchcards as well. The appeal of wagering online could well reach new levels as newcomers feel increasingly comfortable trying out these games.

This exciting new technology should change the future of online lotteries and scratchcards. The chances of winning a fortune instantly are likely to be better than ever before. With recent talk of lotteries being allowed to raise more for charities, this could turn out to be hugely important news.

Featured image: “Maria Murray Lottery Scratchcard Million” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Montage Communications