Race & Deathmath tools to land on GTA this week; Heists and DLC in 2014

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GTA Online has had a bit of a patchy start but we are finally starting to see some decent updates. Rockstar will be launching a new update this week which will unlock race and deathmatch creation tools.

Using these tools, players can set up custom race and shootout jobs to play with friends and publish the custom game types to the Rockstar Games Social Club. The creation tools will be included in a mandatory title update, which could be available as early as tomorrow, on PS3 and Xbox 360.

This month will also see the launch of Capture mode. Similar to capture the flag, four teams fight to steal goods from other enemies bases and get their own back with the goods.

Unfortunately heists wont be launched until next year when Rockstar also plan on releasing some DLC for the main story.

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