Qualcomm Will Launch Snapdragon Wear 2100 Successor this Autumn

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One of the main factors that have held me back from Android wear has been the lack of progress in the underlying technology.

Originally watches were built using Snapdragon 400 processor which was a slight modification of a phone chip; this was succeeded by the Snapdragon Wear 2100 system-on-chip at the start of 2016. Since then not a single chip has been released or even announced. In comparison, we see a new flagship mobile chip each year.

While 2100 was more specialised than the 400, it was still built on old technology.

The sad truth is that smartwatch technology hasn’t progressed as quickly as phones, and this will partly be due to the lack of consumer interest.

In the past couple of years, there have been a large number of brands that have come on board the Android Wear wagon, most of these are the same watch inside but different design.

Qualcomm has now let slip that a new platform will be announced this autumn alongside a lead smartwatch. This will then be followed up with other Wear OS smartwatches for the holiday season.

It is believed the new chip is built from the ground up and it will be developed on a much more modern fabrication process, though the specifics have not been revealed.

Qualcomm says they have been working on the new chip since the 2100, but delays have occurred due to them rethinking the system architecture altogether.

All chips will have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as standard, while fitness and sports-focused chips will have GPS. And you can expect many will have LTE.

With the fitness tracker market stagnating a bit, and companies like Garmin and Fitbit launching smart fitness watches, I think we could see some great new products competing in the sports watch space, as well as the usual smartwatches.

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