Pure Evoke 1S : Marshall Branded DAB radio

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If you’re into music or at least musical instruments Marshall should be a brand you all recognise with its lovely black and gold colouring and Spinal Tap admired amplifiers that went “up to 11”.


Pure, the DAB radio experts teamed up with them a couple of years back (Evoke Marshall 1-XT) and made a DAB radio branded with Marshall and adopted it’s unique designs but this was at a time when DAB was still quite expensive and not as popular. Well Pure have decided to resurrect it again only this time it’s called the Pure Evoke 1S Marshall. It’s pretty much the same, now packing portability in the form of being able to be battery powered as well as mains, an FM tuner and an input for you to plug your iPod in too. There’s also an option to pick up an extra Marshall stack shaped speaker to add that extra volume to your digital music fest.


Not only that but this time it’s heading to the masses. Firstly though one will only be able to pick it up at HMV stores or at HMV.com in the coming weeks as an exclusive thing until the rest of the world picks it up some time in September. The Evoke 1S will be priced at £120, still a bit pricey for a DAB but it certainly looks great and the first incarnation became quite the collectors item, and the extra speaker will set you back £34.99.


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