PUMP Audio Earphones Review

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Another new company and another pair of in-ear headphones to review. Today I  have the PUMP audio earphones which has some quite cocky marketing claiming they are the best earphones in the world. So are is this claim true? Let's find out.

From the press literature I received the earphones are:

“Designed for premium audio playback, you'll hear outstanding deep bass and crisp, clean highs as only heard before on serious high end sound systems.

International DJ's and Music producers are praising the incredible sound quality.”

For a pair of £100 earphones they come packaged quite basically, with just plastic packaging and 3 sets of ear tips. The pair I received are a bright orange which is certainly striking but not to my taste, you can also opt for a more traditional black if you want.

The cable is a flat soft touch rubber which is quite nice and not dissimilar to Beats. The headphone port is a nice quality aluminium jack with the why splitter being the same and includes the controls for the microphone. The earphones themselves are all aluminium. Overall the build quality is excellent.

Sound quality of these earphones is good but not amazing, they are clearly going after the beats market by being bass heavy, which may not be to some peoples tastes. Similar to many of the other bass heavy earphones they tend to lack some clarity with the bass leaking into the lower mids a bit.

The problem being I don't believe these sound much better than earphones from SoundMAGIC and certainly not Rock Jaw, but these cost twice as much. I would say the build quality of these are better, certainly when you compare them to SoundMAGIC so you may get your monies worth out of the longevity of them. If you particularly like the orange style then this could also justify the price, however for the more budget conscious you would be better off with the Rock Jaws or SoundMAGICs

You can buy the PUMP Audio earphones today from their website for £99.00

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