PSP2 : What next for Sony

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The PSP had all the makings to be the best handheld ever but fell to the simpleness of the Nintendo DS. When Nintendo made it’s DS the DS Lite sales shot up around the world. Sony answered by making the slow selling PSP smaller and thinner to match, did it work? Well a little but certainly nowhere near the sales of the DS. The DS Lite then becomes the DSi. PSP’s answer is to become the PSP Go, a driveless, cartridgeless affair where downloads were your format of choice. Well that was a flop too. Thing is the PSP isn’t actually that bad a machine firstly I think they were a little pricey to start with, secondly although it had a lot of exclusive games none seemed to have the draw or originality of the DS’s New Super Mario Brothers, Brain Training or Professor Layton and the PSP always seemed to be a bit late with it’s answer.


What it all boils down to is would a new super powerful PSP make a difference. Can Sony get a bigger hold on the handheld market it’s struggled with so far. Nintendo hasn’t made any leaps and bounds with it’s tech, I mean the 3DS is obviously the next evolution but in terms of graphics and what it can actually do it’s still a bit old school and with Mobile Phone gaming improving in ability and sales could the market already be too saturated. Well all this aside rumours a rife with Sony’s next offering the PSP2.


Again opting for the power rather than the novelty factor like Nintendo’s products it is believed from several sources at the Tokyo Game Show that the PSP2 will have a whopping 1GB of RAM. The current PSPs only have 64MB so you can see the difference there but also an Xbox 360 only sports 512MB of RAM. Could it be more powerful than an Xbox?? Secondly it’s also believed to be sticking with the download to memory stick format of games so no more UMD.


The concept image of the PSP2 currently doing the rounds shows it to have dual analog sticks aswell as the standard D-Pad and Playstation controller buttons. The display is larger than current PSPs, more than likely going to be HD quality.


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