PS2 isn’t dead!! It’s just built into your telly instead

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KDL-22PX300, not the most catchy of models is Sony’s brand new 22” LCD TV in the Bravia range to come out in time for Christmas and to entice a bit of what is essentially “retro gaming”. Thought the PS2 was dead. You’re wrong. Sony has built one into this new TV so that fans of what was once the biggest console in the world can go back to playing their old games due to the fact the PS3(which had backwards compatability taken away from it) can’t play all those classic PS2 games(unless you download them from the PSNetwork).


The 22” TV capable of 720p output can play PS2 games in standard definition and also playback DVDs. It has multiple HDMI slots(four in total) comes with inbuilt FreeView tuner, 3 USB ports, Scart, VGA and component video inputs. The KDL-22PX300 also has an ethernet port too for all your internet based, on-demand content that seems to be the latest desire in the market for your TV.


Available now for just under £200, Sony TVs never disappoint and also with this baby you can plug in your old PS2 pads and enjoy some of those classics. Who needs Gran Turismo 5 or Call of Duty.


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