Pros & Cons of Technology over our Routines

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Inventions are the most important part of human development. Innovation in technology grants the power for improvement. New inventions or technology ease the workload of whole society and also enhance the opportunities at different levels. We use multiple technologies in our daily routine life. Television, sound system, air conditioner, heater, computer, phone, toaster, juicer, vacuum cleaner, etc. are examples of these inventions.

We are bound with machines in every stage of life. Parents use to buy electrical toys for child development. When those children are in schooling age, they see projectors, computers and other inventions. They notice how those appliances work and how much efficient they are. When a kid grew up and busy in higher education, he/she use calculators, smartphones, laptops, online services, cars, smart watches, etc. All these techs help human in saving time and money. Even more, technologies will become part of life in further growing ages. For example, an old man set alarm for taking medicine on time and use wheelchair for going somewhere.

Along with many benefits, there are a lot of disadvantages too. Each invention leaves a worse effect. A significant negative impact is that we become a handicap. Living without them is a life similar to the rural areas. The knife is the best example to understand this. The positivity is the satisfied and rapid cutting of vegetables and fruits and the dangerous use is to kill someone.

1.    High Competitive Environment

Pros: We all are running in the race of competition; competition of getting high marks, fame, wealth, luxuries, and much more. It is hard to defeat anyone without getting the assistance of technology. A student uses internet to search the best guide to write an excellent assignment to rank higher. An employee avails the help of alarms to show speedy work to a manager and get a raise in salary.

Cons: Due to increased ratio of competition, no one is ready to guide other folks. Our intention of achieving creativity is dead. The only approach in the mind is to hide all of my strategies and wisdom because I don’t want others to even stand beside me. A senior manager at crowd writer once told:

“A successful business enhance and grow only
when all of the employees have the same intention, i.e.,

2.    Time Saver

Pros: All automated appliances are useful because they are meant to secure the time. One would not indulge himself/herself to perform a task by own hands. Car, automatic washing machine, and oven are the best examples of a time saver. Similarly, learners use various tools to minimize the time of producing write-ups. For example, accurate cite is an online website that takes the data and shows the reference in selected format thus save the time of educating own self about citation format.

Cons: On the other hand, human’s activeness transforms into laziness. If one would have lack of any required appliance and no alternative available, the task will not be done. For example, unavailability of the car causes to delay the plan. Similarly, when the washing machine is not working, the lady won’t wash the clothes by hands, she will waste her time watching T.V.

3.    Working Efficiency

Pros: A great fruit of invention is the increase in efficiency of work. Previously people struggled too much to achieve an aim. For example, students went to library and consume much time there for reading books and journal. However, now pupil gets academist help online while staying at home. Parents are also relaxed that their children are out of danger.

Cons:  Technology enslaved us for being too much addicted to it. If one is using a calculator for calculations, he/she will become incapable. Such a guy becomes a master as per degree, but actually, his/her mind’s efficiency devalued to zero. Likewise, when a boy is addicted to solving the job demands through the tools, he/she lose own creative powers.

4.    Distance Reduction

Pros: Technology gives the opportunity to connect with long-distance living people. We can contact each other effortlessly via the internet, cell phones and other gadgets. Other mediums of communication are Facebook, WhatsApp, and various messengers. They are also helpful tools to get the news around the world. I meet a freelance accountant in a workshop of enhancing creativity. He told me that sometimes, he amazed that small corporates contact him for managing their accounts and ledger to submit for tax filing. When he gets a problem, both of them talk over Skype and discuss the issue quickly.

Cons: The relations go far away however we are connected. Numerous users update their status on social media. They show loving and caring to someone but in personal no meeting and connectivity. The social life transforms into political actions. We greet people in formal styles but in real no wish to connect with them genuinely. It is just because the social forums are accessible easily and we stay combined for future selfishness.

5.    Health Facilities

Pros: Technology cooperates in tracking health progress. Smart watches are invented for a health check and balance. Numerous organisation manufactured bands that are beneficial for cardiac and muscular cure. Moreover, the user can easily track their heartbeat rate, step counts, burnout calories and sleep durations through these gadgets.

Cons: People become unnecessarily conscious of the health. Technology is capable to display the minor issues. It is a severe problem for sensitive nature guy. They get possessive and tensed when notices such small matters. The most negative impact is excessive thinking about the concerned disease that results in increasing its intensity.

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