Powerful onboarding approaches that will engage your new recruits

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Ensuring your new employees have the best onboarding experience possible is crucial to the recruitment process. Keeping your new starters engaged and helping them develop a strong commitment to their new employer and their new role can be the difference between maintaining high levels of employee retention and having to spend even more company resources on restarting the recruitment process all over again.

The onboarding process isn’t just about showing new employees where the water cooler is and where to go in the event of a fire drill, it’s about giving them the tools and information needed to succeed at their role, and hit the ground running. Carving themselves a successful career and getting the best return for your investment are signs of a strong induction process. Failing to create a smooth onboarding process can lead to all kinds of problems further down the line.

So, with this in mind, here we’ll explore some powerful onboarding approaches that will engage your new recruits.

Invest in HR onboarding software

When you invest in HR software that provides you with the right tools across the recruitment process, you’re already investing in a fully immersive and engaging onboarding practice. HR software is the best way to onboard new employees – you can make them feel right at home, not just when delivering information, but in those crucial days building up to their first day. With HR software from ciphr.com, you can tailor all application forms and processes, educate and inform via a fully customisable onboarding hub to help underpin branding and your company’s message, allow new employees to complete administrative documents before their first day and help your new recruits to focus on what really matters.

By delivering a fully engaging and personalised onboarding process, your new starters will feel connected to your brand and feel more comfortable in their new roles from the outset.

Don’t leave them in limbo

Companies who wait until their new hires’ first day to induct and onboard them can expect disengaged employees and a difficult adjustment period. Those who open the lines of communication and start the induction process from the outset are more likely to develop new starters who are fully engaged and equipped to hit the ground running. Giving employees access to internal social platforms and education hubs, and even providing them certain forms to complete before they begin (HR software can help you here) will help get the ball rolling.

Treat them

Onboarding doesn’t have to always be about lengthy forms to fill in or health and safety regulations. It’s about introducing new starters to the brand and bringing them into the fold. Many successful companies do this by treating them new recruits to branded company items such as stationery, travel mugs, clothing and other merch. Others take it a step further and offer vouchers for local restaurants or activities.

Final thoughts…

How you treat your new starters is up to you, however, a strong onboarding process will mean the difference between high employee retention and dissatisfied new recruits. Discover more about HR software from ciphr.com, today.

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