Posturite Penclic Mouse R2 Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

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As much as a love a good gaming mouse, they are not suitable for everyone. The Penclic range from Posturite is a complete rethink of the way mice are shaped and held. Adapting a more pen-like design it aims to be a more natural fit which in turn will reduce RSI (repetitive strain injury) and offer more precise control over your cursor.

In reality it is sort of a hybrid design between pen and mouse, the pen section is a freely swinging arm that is connected to a base, you then push this around the mouse mat as you would a normal mouse. You also have the usual mouse buttons, in this case right, left, and middle click, forward and backward browser buttons—and a scroll wheel on the base.

The mouse uses a single rechargeable AAA battery, which charges off of a USB-to-mini USB cable.

As with most USB devices, set up is extremely straightforward, it requires no extra software and Windows detected the mouse within a couple of seconds.

Moving to this mouse for my normal Logitech gaming mouse was a little unusual at first. The overall concept is natural to use so there isn’t really much of a learning curve, but the button placement takes some getting used to. I think this is mainly because I am not used to buttons being attached to pens, and my fingers didn’t naturally sit on the buttons in the same way it does with a mouse.

The mouse itself appears to be well made, no better and no worse than any mid-range gaming mouse I have used. Responsiveness is good too, I have only used it for day to day activities, but I found no lag. The Penclic has a DPI range of 800-2,400 which should be more than adequate for most people.

It is currently priced at £59.99 on the Posturite website which is on the upper end of what I personally would spend on a mouse, but this isn’t a normal mouse. Looking at other ergonomic mice on Posturite this is actually one of the cheapest available.



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