The Most Popular Mobile Game Genres Revealed

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It is now over a decade since smartphones first appeared on the market and changed the way we thought about mobile internet. With the smartphone revolution came apps and the online game market for mobile was revolutionised. There has been a lot of popular mobile gaming fads in the past 10 years, but here we are going to look at what the most popular genres are in mobile gaming today.

Casino Games

Websites that allow you to play casino games where you can win money have been big news for as long as the mainstream internet has been a thing. It is, therefore, no surprise that the mobile versions of these kinds of gaming services are among the most popular things for people to play on their smartphones and tablets. The appeal of these kinds of games is obvious. You not only get the fun and entertaining prospect of playing an online video game, but you can also stand to win money, whether it is by playing video slots, or by playing games against other real people such as online poker. Many gaming services offer special deals, like allowing you to play video slots online with a 100% welcome bonus.

Puzzle Games

Another type of mobile game that is hugely popular is puzzle games. This includes things like Bejeweled, as well as word games and other types of quick puzzles. There are puzzle-style games aimed at children and adults, and there are games of varying difficulty, with some intended to be educational, such as Boggle-style word games and word searches, and some simply offering a fun challenge. One of the most successful examples of a puzzle game suited to casual mobile gamers is, of course, Angry Birds.

World Building Social Games

Another type of mobile game that has been prevalent over the years since smartphones became ubiquitous is the world building-type game. There have been examples of this that came from the original Facebook-style games like Farmville, and they also include games made by major developers such as EA, who developed world building games based around everything from the popular The Sims franchise to The Simpsons.

Fast Competitive Round Based Games

A final type of popular mobile game is the competitive type that you are encouraged to play against friends or strangers. Games like these usually require you to do something simple in short rounds, such as identify pictures or list items in a category and compete with a friend or random person you are matched with to win each round. These are popular because they have a social element, are quick and easy to play, and can give a fun sense of competition and winning bragging rights.

These types of games are usually the kind that appeals to casual gamers, and also to people who enjoy video games in general but like to keep something quick and fun to play while they are killing time, for example, while commuting. While there have been some entries into the mobile gaming market from what could be considered hardcore games, in general, the bulk of the market is still fixed in the casual sector.

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