As Big Tobacco continues to be crippled by all things vape and millions of smokers stub out for good, the vaping industry is officially exploding. There’s a fairly wide range to choose from already, from super-slim vape pens to cloud-championing box mods, but this isn’t an industry that has “limited” in its vocabulary.

With quitting smokers forming the bulk of customers, many vapes are still designed to replace the cigarette experience, from nicotine hits to the physical inhaling and exhaling of vapour. Smokers can be put off by the somewhat fussy requirements of more-complicated setups. Building my own coils? Carrying around clunky 18650 cell batteries? Setting up endless parts myself? No thanks. Enter 2018’s hottest trend- the Pod Mod.

What Are Pod Mods, And How Are They Different?

Pod mods are AOI (all-in-one) electronic vaping devices that are super-compact, easy-to-use, and way more powerful than disposable e-cigs. In fact, the primary reason those throwaway ones don’t cut it lies in them lacking enough battery power to give you the “real hit”. If you’re thinking of a Nespresso machine, you’re not far off. Pre-filled or blank e-liquid pods? Check. Ready-prepped coils? Check. Disposable? Check. You literally pop the pod into the battery slot, and you’re all set. Unlike standard vapes, which come with a fire button, most pod mods replicate the smoking experience- you draw from the mouthpiece. With batteries running in the range of 100mAh to 900mAh, that’s a lot of draw. Meanwhile, just like the device, the battery itself is small. And just like standard vapes, you’re looking at a tank, coil and wick setup- just without the fuss.

Pod Mods- Pros And Cons


  • Tiny, discreet and easy to carry around
  • Perfect for smokers looking to transition to vaping
  • Plug and play system makes them easy to use
  • No need for changing voltage, wattage, or complicated coils and tanks
  • Cheaper than more advanced mods


  • Less variety of e-liquids (although they’re growing)
  • Giant clouds or battery life aren’t the priority
  • They can’t be customised beyond refilling pods or choosing juice for blank pods

You can choose from open or closed system pod mods. In a nutshell, open systems allow the user to self-fill with e-liquids. Closed systems come ready-filled and are hassle-free.

Best Pod Mods- Tried & Tested

  1. Aspire Gusto Mini (the perfect starter kit)

This nifty best-seller is beautifully designed. It delivers a decent DTL (direct to lung) or MTL (mouth to lung) experience, the build is solid, and for a closed system, all-in-one vape, it’s incredibly compact.


  • Dimensions: 73mm x 22mm x50 mm and 78g in weight
  • Micro-USB Port charging and two drip tips included
  • 900amAh battery and a 17 Watt output
  • LED light, plus short circuit, overheat and over discharge protection
  • Quality Element e-liquids in a fantastic range of flavours
  1. Vype Pebble Kit (if funky design is your thing)

Eye-catching enough for rapper, Tinie Tempah to promote it, this closed system mod is cute as a pebble and charges fully in just one hour.


  • Dimensions: 77mm x 44mm x 17 mm and 33g in weight
  • 380mAh battery with passthrough that allows vaping while charging
  • Micro-USB charge with cable included
  • Bright colour range includes black, green, yellow, red and blue
  • Full safety features and UK-made e-liquid
  1. My Von Erl Starter Kit (ah, simplicity)

Despite its sleek, aluminium frame, you get a great MTL experience from this closed system device. The disposable pods remove hassle, and it’s incredibly discreet.


  • Dimensions: 105mm x 18mm x 10 mm and 21g in weight
  • One free tobacco-flavoured ‘liquidpod’ refill
  • Fuss-free push-fit refill system and approximately 200 draws per cartridge
  • 350mAh battery and Micro-USB cable/charger included
  1. Envii Fitt Starter Kit (offering a bit more variety)

With both a fire button and puff sensor, plus availability in open or closed systems, this device may require a bit more fiddling around, but it gives great power for its small size.


  • Dimensions: 75mm x 43mm x 20mm
  • 650mAh battery and 4 prefilled cartridges included
  • Micro USB cable and port included
  • 2 empty pods provided and 2 fire modes
  1. Limitless Pulse Vape Kit (for the stealth vaper)

Slim and futuristic in design, this closed or open system mod could almost be mistaken for an oversized USB stick. The QR code manual and packaging are cutting-edge, and battery life generally lasts through the day.


  • Dimensions: 115mm x 17.5 mm x 9 mm and 21g in weight
  • 380mAh battery and Micro-USB charger included
  • Includes 2 replacement refillable pods
  • Excellent MTL experience, super discreet and safe