The dream smart phone. It doesn’t exist, but a few are getting pretty close. With the ever popular iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy right up behind it, no one could deny that the smart phone has come along way in a very short space of time. Today you can walk into a store and have your pick of phones, all of which have been honed to perfection full of magical features and wondrous tech specs. But some probably wouldn’t use the word ‘perfection’ and would rather pick apart the model’s ‘faults’.

We’re not going to do that. Instead, we’re going to design our own dream phone. The phone of dreams if you will. After all, if you have the ultimate smart phone then you’re going to have the ultimate life right?

So let’s get designing…….

iPhone 5s –

Everyone loves a good iPhone don’t they? More than 500 million have been sold worldwide, that’s more than the entire population of America. That’s 500 million people taking selfies and asking Siri where babies come from.

Best Features –

  • Processor – 64 bit
  • Graphics – OpenGL ES Version 3.0
  • Apps – More than 1 million available

Samsung Galaxy – If you aren’t an iPhone fanboy (or girl) then Samsung is probably one of your main android options. Their latest offering, the S5 has a whole host of features that would annoy any Apple developer.

Best Features –

  • Large Screen
  • 24 Hour Battery Life
  • 16 mega pixel camera

HTC One –

Around 70% of smart phones sold in the world are now android. Sorry Apple, we have to state the facts and HTC are coming up right behind you when it comes to tech specs.

Best Features –

  • High Pixel Density – 468ppi
  • Powerful Speakers – Boomsound
  • Sense TV

Google Nexus 5 –

Google, as we know, is slowly taking over the world so of course this internet giant has to have its own model to offer. Its high speed and fancy widgets make this smart phone a mighty contender.

Best Features –

  • Speed
  • Graphics
  • Lock Screen Widgets

The Dream –

Fancy Widgets – For all those important tasks we need to do which we absolutely could not do before we had smart phones.

High Speed – We have no time for slow phones. We have no time for anything these days. If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, you’re out.

High Quality Graphics – Gone are the days of green screen nightmares. Hello life like images (things that I could easily see in real life but choose not too).

Boom Sound Speakers – If I’m playing a You Tube video of a cat talking like a human I want that sound as clear and crisp as possible.

24 Hour Battery Life – The energy that is spent on moaning about battery life, if only we could use that to power our lazy phones.

16 Mega Pixel Camera – No one wants to see a grainy selfie. Lighting, angle, pose and high mega pixels at the ready, it’s time for you’re close up.

Millions of Apps To Choose From – I’m going to learn French, cook more, exercise everyday and stop drunk texting, all with the use of my lovely apps.

64 Bit Processor – Not sure exactly what this does, but sounds important. The higher the number the better, right?

Decent Screen Size – Something that will fit in my pocket but won’t make me squint every time I need to read a text, not asking for miracles here.

MHL Compatible – M H What? This little infographic below will get you clued up.

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