Pioneer intros their last Plasmas: KRP-500A, KRP-600A, KRP-500M, KRP-600M

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Sadly Pioneer are stepping out of the Plasma TV business and they have putting the last few nails in the coffin with the announcement of their last range of Plasma TVs.

The external-tuner-equipped KRP-500A and KRP-600A as well as their all-in-one equivalents, the KRP-500M and KRP-600M, all produce 1080p images at 50 and 60 inches respectively. Although their contrast ratios aren't mentioned, they all have four HDMI inputs with support for deep color, support media from a USB port and have input over D4 (component) as well as VGA.

All four should be available on April 1st at open prices on the Japanese market. It's unlikely that the sets will be available elsewhere as they are expected to ship in relatively small numbers (god dammit!).

Once the screens have been launched Pioneer says it intends to halt all TV production in May and will clear TVs out of the market shortly afterward. It will continue to provide repairs on sets for the next 8 years and hopes to still offer replacement parts as long as supplies last after that period.


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