PhoneFest continued : Nokia N8 revealed

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Well its been on the cards for a while and now we have the news. The N8 is coming and lets hope and pray Nokia have realised the mistakes they’ve made with the N97 and N900 and get back to being the top dog at smartphones, and looking at the specs, this shouldn’t disappoint.


  • First Symbian 3 mobile from Nokia.  Will still look and feel like a Nokia phone yet add extra features like multi-touch yet still keep its functionality with social networking and Ovi store.
  • AT LAST A CAPACITIVE TOUCHSCREEN!!! With stylus support, the pinch zoom and everything else Nokia phones of old have lacked.
  • The first phone to bundle a 12MP camera : Capable of 720p video the camera features the largest camera sensor on a Nokia device, improving the quality of images and light received. not to mention the speed of the lens capable of taking pictures faster than most digital cameras.
  • N-standard WiFi. Yes thats right increased range and increased speed making streaming, surfing and sharing all that much quicker.
  • HDMI output with the ability to output surround sound with Dolby Digital Plus technology.
  • Full Flash Support – nuff said
  • Web TV – pre-loaded feeds from CNN, National Geographic and E!, hopefully BBC iPlayer will return.
  • A brand new music player with improved UI and cover-flow interface not to mention an improved sound quality.
  • 16GB of internal memory upgradeable to 48GB via microSD
  • Improved battery life : 50 yes 50 hours of music playback and apparently it’ll last 16 days on standby(will have to see that to believe it)

Due out in Q3 it’s believed to cost around £320. Check this video to see the N8 in action.

Nokia N8 YouTube video

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