Philips introduces ultra widescreen Cinema 21:9 LCD TV

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1-15-09-philips-21-9-cinema Are you a massive movie fan? Does it grind your gears when watching a movie that is letterboxed? Well if so then Phillips may have the perfect solution for you. A new Ultra Widescreen (21:9) LCD TV that will use the full screen for movies shot in 21:9 aspect ratio.

For those of you not in the know most movies are shot in 2.39:1 or 21:9 aspect ratio which is commonly branded as Panavision, and most Widescreen TV shows will use 1.85:1 aspect ratio which is 35 mm US and UK widescreen standard for theatrical film. Older Standard ratio TV was shot in 1.33:1 or 4:3.

All widescreen TVs currently sold use 16.9 which is fractionally smaller than 1.85:1. So therefore anyhing shot using the wider 2.39:1 requires that annoying letterbox technique.

Personally it is quite annoying when you buy a expensive large TV and then half of the screen (slight exaggeration) is taken up with 2 black lines.

However with a screen of 21:9 you will have the reverse problem and all 1.85:1 recordings will need pillar boxing!

Oh life is so complex!

Anyway, it is good to see Philips giving us a choice. This will obviously have a big appeal to film geeks however I strongly suspect there will be a heavy premium on this as the screen is a non standard size. I am assuming the cost of LCDs has fallen so much partly due to the supply of screen which all conform to a certain size? Hence I can go into a shop and get a 32″ LCD for the same price as a 26″ LCD as 32″ screens are more mass produced and therefore produced at a lower cost?

I could be chatting rubbing there though, though I am pretty sure that's how economies of scale worked when I did my GCSE's 10+ years ago!

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