Philips Hue Outdoor Lights Announced for Summer

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I love my small Philips Hue set-up, as do many others it seems, the Hue range has been a huge success for Philips.

They are now hoping to continue this success with the launch of a new outdoor range, which extends the light bulb system's smart features from within the home to its exterior.

They work exactly as all the other Hue light and come with the same options of white, or the much impressive colour ambiance.

All Philips Hue outdoor products are designed for outdoor use and easy to install. The Hue white and colour ambiance range is based on a plug and play system, making installation easy and allowing for full flexibility to position wherever you need light. The products have a colour temperature range of 2200-6500 Kelvin and feature 16 million colours.

The Philips Hue outdoor spot Lily base unit pack will retail for USD 279.99 /EUR 299 and includes three light points and all the accessories you need to get started.

The Calla bollard will retail for USD 129.99 / EUR 139.99 as base unit pack.

The Philips Hue white range offers a number of products matching the decor of your house. Products in this range are named Lucca, Tuar, Turaco and Ludere (United States only) and retail prices will start from USD 49.99 /EUR 69.99. United States only: the PAR38 lamp will retail for USD 29.99 for a single pack and double pack for USD 49.99.

They will be available in Europe and the United States in July.

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