Philips HDT8520 : Freeview HD PVR

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Now we have Freeview HD it was only a matter of time before we’re inundated with Freeview HD boxes of all shapes sizes and flavours and obviously if you want to record your telly you’ll need an HD PVR. Dutch electronics experts Philips have released one just in time for the World Cup and just as Sky have released the 1TB version of its Sky+ HD box.


Inside you’ll get 500GB of storage to store and record all your favourite Freeview HD shows via the twin tuners. The usual routine of watching one program whilst recording another is available here too. Basically if you’re recording a SD programme you can record up to 250 hours whereas HD programmes, you’ll get around 125 hours.


Now obviously the other thing you need is Freeview HD, which at the moment is only available in half the UK so if you’re luck enough to live in an area with the HD signal the Philips HDT8520 will set you back £299.PhilipsPVRHDT8520

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