Philips 58PFL9955 – Cinema 21:9 3DTV

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The official model name might not be the easiest to remember but it’s alias is the Philips Cinema 21:9 Platinum TV will be getting a release sometime this month after it was officially unveiled in September at IFA.


The speccage of this TV is immense but as a result so is the pricetag :

  • 58” LCD screen Ambilight Spectra 3 technology
  • Bright Pro, 400HZ
  • 21:9 cinema proportion
  • Perfect Pixel HD processing
  • Philips Net TV with fully interactive Web Browser

Now here’s the price. A whopping £3999, yes just shy of four thousand pounds!! Would you be willing to part with that sort of cash for a TV, especially when, even though it’s a 3DTV the necessary active shutter specs normally bundled with your TV, aren’t even supplied with it. Yes that’s right the £4K only gets you the screen and no specs………. outrageous.


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