Petzi Treat Cam Review

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With the boom is smart home gadgets, and health gadgets, we already seem to be using connected technology for every aspect of our life. So why not get our pets involved too?

The Petzi Treat Cam from Chewy is a Wi-Fi-connected camera that also shoots out treats to your waiting canine or feline friend. It is not really a security camera for your pet as it does not record video, but it live streams video to your chosen device, and you can use your apps to snap a photo of your pet and then share to whatever your preferred social network is. As well as streaming to your device you can also speak to your pet through high-quality audio, and then as the product name suggests dispense treats to your pet using the Petzi Treat Launcher!

Setting up the Petzi was relatively straightforward and involved downloading the app, selecting the camera from the list of Wi-Fi networks under my phone’s settings, and going back to the app to connect the camera.

We quickly learned that you need to position the camera somewhere that isn’t too accessible to your pet as they will definitely knock it over trying to find treats, but the camera shoots the treats out in various directions so it can be placed pretty much anywhere.

The camera on the treat cam isn’t exactly the best quality out there, photos can be a little grainy, but it is good enough. It also does not pan or tilt, so you can’t track your pet’s movements easily


It is a little hard to judge gadget properly, as we have nothing to compare to, but it is a fun gadget at a reasonable price. The camera isn’t amazing but it gets the job done, allowing you to check up on your pet during the day and the treat dispenser is fun to use. Used in conjunction with the treat dispenser it is a good way to check up on your pet rather than normal cameras where you have to hope your pet is in its line of site when you use it.