Nothing makes a gift more special and memorable than personalisation. It shows the person on the receiving end that extra special attention has been put into the gift and that they are really cared about. Here is a rundown of some of the best personalised gifts available to buy.

Personalised Mugs

There are very few people on earth who don’t have use for a good mug, so a personalised mug can make a great gift for almost anyone at any time. Even if the recipient of the gift is not a big tea or coffee drinker, the mug can be used to hold almost any hot beverage, such as hot chocolate or Bovril. The receptacles can be quite versatile, and many personalised mugs are both dishwasher and microwave proof.

Personalised His and Hers Pens

His and hers items can be a bit tacky; however, personalised his and hers pens can make a very tasteful gift. The writing utensils represent a perfect present for a wedding, at which event the couples can use their own pens to sign their matrimonial contract. The inscription on a personalised pen often goes on the barrel of the implement, where there is enough room for a name and a short message. There is a huge range of pens available, from ball point pens to fountain pens.

Personalised USB

A USB stick is an electronic device that can be used to store data, with memory sizes available upwards of 64 GB. A personalised message on a USB stick can turn this functional tool into a cherished gift. In addition to a personalised message, a memory stick can carry the insignia of a company, and as such can also be used to promote a business. Manufacturers such as USB Makers make a wide range of different styles of memory stick, from traditional sticks, to USB drives in the shape of pens and cards.

Personalised Wine Bottle

For any wine lover, there is nothing better than receiving a nice bottle of their favourite vintage; expect perhaps, receiving a nice bottle of their favourite vintage with a personalised message on it. The label of a wine bottle is the perfect place on which to put a long message for the recipient to read. It could be a memory shared by the giver and receiver or a favourite poem. The bottles can make a great gift for birthdays, with special sets available containing a newspaper from a certain year. The papers are the genuine article and come with a certificate of authenticity to prove it:

Personalised Cushions

A personalised cushion can be a great gift for almost any occasion, but it’s particularly suitable on Mother’s Day. It’s a way of saying ‘sit down and relax’ to Mum, for no doubt she deserves it. Of course, the gift is even more special if it contains a personalised message from the people Mum cares about the most: her children (and possibly husband). Other great gift ideas for mothers can be seen in this article by the Guardian.

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