Computers and internet access are almost accessible to anyone in the developed world but with the fastest growing economies in the developing world its the privileged in them societies who have the access. Hopefully soon basic computer access will be available for all and in India where this will become essential to a fast growing economy with a massive population have come up with a solution. Developed by the Indian Institutes of Technology, and revealed by the Indian governments Human Resource Development minister, here’s the tablet PC for everyman.


The Linux operated system isn’t the power monster you or me might desire but it’s developed cheaply and does the job it’s asked, basic computer needs, ie Internet and a variety of useful apps, word processing etc. It’s ultralow powered and it has been suggested solar cells could be enough to power it. Inside is a 2GB SSD (up to 32GB add-on available) and has an adequate 7” touchscreen.


The major factor is the cost, with the makers suggesting that if enough were made/sold they can output the tablet at a mere £23. However the Indian government is suggesting private companies to see if they can do better. Not only is it great for those unfortunate enough to not have a computer but could even drive the cost of normal computer production down too to compete. Fingers crossed.


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