Panasonic DMP-UB900 UHD 4k Blu-Ray Player Preview

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Following on from my previous 2 posts about the general 2016 line-up from Panasonic, and a preview of the new DX902 model( TX-65DX902B ), we were briefly shown the new Ultra HD Blu-ray that Panasonic has just launched, the DMP-UB900. It is funny that 4K TVs have been out for quite a while now but generally very limited 4K content. Services such as Netflix have been streaming 4K for a while now, and while it does look great there is obviously some limitation to this, and that is bandwidth. For Netflix to work well with 4k they recommend 25 Megabits per second but generally deliver at 16Mbps. In comparison UHD Blu-Ray tops out at 128Mbits and the demo of Mad Max that we viewed was typically using from 30Mbps to 70Mbits per second. I obviously didn’t get a side by side comparison between Netflix 4K and the Blu-Ray player, but it is a safe assumption that the Blu-Ray will always outperform streaming.

Combined with the DX902 the footage of Mad Max did look spectacular, overall detail was amazing and the HDR features improved things further. If you want the best of the best, then UHD Blu-Ray is definitely the way forward. Though for most people it is probably overkill, and generally people will be happy with streaming 4k.

Being the first player to the market, and deliberately high specced, you can imagine that this is a pricey device, and you are not wrong. It is priced at £599, which is more than most people probably pay for a TV, but it really is only for enthusiast wanting the best. To make it slightly more appealing you can get the player for half price while stocks last if you buy it with the DX902, and you get 2 free disks, Mad Max and San Andreas.

In regards to the specific specifications, this player has pretty much everything you could want from a top of the range player, including:

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible
  • Dual HDMI out & 7.1 phono outputs – 1 for 4K HDMI output and another for audio only and it has 7.1 phono outputs making it backwards compatible with older Amps without HDMI 2.0 and HDCP2.2
  • THX certified
  • 4K High-Precision Chroma Processor calibrated by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) Blu-ray R&D facility.
  • 4K High-Precision Chroma Processor gets closer to the natural image than ever. 4K image colour signals (4:2:0) are interpolated into 4K (4:4:4) by a multi-tap chroma process.
  • High Res Audio playback. FLAC, WAV and ALAC High Res files right up to 192kHz/32bit (WAV 2-ch and ALAC 5.1) resolution and DSD up to 5.6MHz are covered.
  • 4K Video / Jpeg Playback via network or USB
  • Built-in Ethernet and dual-band Wi-Fi
  • BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter + other Video On Demand (VOD)
  • SD card and USB inputs for full compatibility with a wide range of digital media.
  • DLNA compatibility, and Miracast

More information can be found at Panasonic  and it is available to buy today from websites like Richer Sounds for £599


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