Panasonic Announc 2015 TVs. Includes Curved 4k and Firefox OS

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Panasonic have just announced their TV line-up for 2015 which is quite an impressive line-up. The range covers everything from mid/low end 1080p TVs with 24 – 55in screens, all the way up to the curved CR850 UHD series with a 55 or 65 inch screen.

The highlights of the announcement include the CR850 which is a curved 4K screen which comes in 55 inch and 65 inch sizes and is controlled using FireFox OS. It also has a 1600Hz refresh rate, Wide Colour Phosphor Panel, Local Dimming Pro and TV Streaming.

If you prefer a flat option then the CX800 is for you and this comes in 40, 50, 55, 65in screens and has all the same features as the CR850

TV Streaming is not available in the UK as our providers don't like the idea, but anywhere else it should allow you to stream your TV to compatible devices such as tablets or phones. This should work remotely too, similar to Slingbox.

FireFox OS will be on the CR850, CX800, CR730, CX750, CX700 and CX680 with content on your home screen is divided up into different ‘decks.' There are three default decks that come set-up as standard: Live TV, Apps and Devices. You can pin your favourite stations, apps and games to the relevant deck as you go along. You can also use the Firefox OS to beam photos and videos to the TVs from a smartphone or tablet on the same wifi network.

All TVs will include Freeview Play connected TV platform. Freeview Play is a durect competitor to YouView and will include BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD and Chanel 5 on demand, as well as the usual Freeview channels.

Panasonic has confirmed that all it's 2015 TVs will feature HEVC and VP9 decoding buit-in. The former allows you to take andvantage of Netflix and Amazon Prime 4K streams while the latter is the codec of choice for Google and is used to encode 4K content on You Tube.

There is currently no word on availability or pricing but I would expect to see them in major store over the next few weeks.

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