Panasonic also with 4 new cameras

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We’re going a bit camera crazy it seems. Panasonic’s turn it is now to show us what little compact cameras we can get our grubby mitts on. I’ve got a Panasonic Lumix TZ65 and it’s the cat’s pyjamas, so whenever I see that they’ve got some new models out I always want to have a look. 4 models it is all around the top of the range end of the scale each with their own functionality and skills.


Firstly it’s the FT3. Now this camera is where it’s at for all you adventure, outdoorsy types. Built with a rugged frame and body this camera can withstand pretty much whatever you can throw at it. Shocl proof to a height of 2m, dustproof, waterproof to a depth of 12m and even cold-proof to a temperature of –10. Put all these “Bear Grylls” skills  to a 12.1MP camera capable of AVCHD Full HD video, and 3D photo mode and you really can get all those outdoor/underwater action shots whatever the weather.


Secondly is the new TZ18 and TZ20 cameras. These have all the goods for you to take the perfect shots wherever you are as you get full manual control over all your settings. Both come with 14.1MP sensors, a massive 16x optical zoom and 24mm wide angle lenses. The TZ20 ups the ante a bit by offering Full HD AVCHD video and has built in GPS for geotagging all your shots.


The FX77 is last on the list. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the worst by any means. It offers pretty much everything the FT3 does(without the ruggedness) only this time you get a 3.5” touch screen panel to do all the work on.


Available from some sites now the TZ18 is around the £240 mark and the TZ20 the £320 mark. The other two cameras we have no release details or prices for I’m afraid.


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