Panasonic 103” Plasma 3DTV

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2006 saw Panasonic release a gargantuan 103” Plasma TV. Now with the next step in gogglebox technology being the 3D revolution, Panasonic have upgraded it to now feature 3D.


Available only at the moment to pre-order in Japan, the TV will output at 1080p Full HD with a contrast ratio at a massive 5,000,000:1 to go alongside it. Now with the massive size of the television plus it’s massive stats you guessed it a massive price to go hand in hand with it. This baby will set someone with a mansion to put it in £65,000. Not on ly that you’ll need a crane to get it in your house, 321Kg is it’s total weight with stand.


Makes you wonder how a country so full of small people and small gadgets that a telly this size could exist and have enough room for it to go in!


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