Palm Pre Plus and Pixi : UK Models Spotted

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We spoke a while back about the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi appearing to get a US release and ot on in the UK and our Yankee cousins have been benefitting from having the two Palm webOS smartphones on sale for a while now. Well it appears the UK might actually be getting them as per usual too long after we should.


Website the :: UNWIRED had seen that the Global Certification Forum had approved two new but unknown Palm made models which would be usable on our 3G networks. However the two model names aren’t 100% going to be the Pre Plus and Pixi however it is strongly believed to be these phones as the model numbers bear a striking resemblance to the model numbers used before they were released stateside, even if it isn’t the Pre Plus or the Pixi then Palm have two new phones coming out.


However if they don’t appaear over here if they support the 3G network as its suggested, there’s nothing stopping you now grabbing one of these 3G enabled versions SIM free and slapping your own SIM in it, but it looks hopeful that no importing will be required.


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