Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus : Coming Soon

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Palm has announced at CES this weekend gone that it is upgrading it’s Pre/Pixi range of smartphones (by adding a “Plus” at the end). Although the Palm Pre seemed to have come out in America a lifetime ago, it has only just arrived in the UK so I’m pretty sure those who waited and waited to get one, will be a little disappointed to hear this news.


Aesthetically speaking the phones wont be changing too much and will just be losing the navigation button on the front, but it’s inside where they’re ringing the changes. On board memory will be doubled to 16GB(but still no expansion slot). Palm have also said they will be giving a conductor for the Touchstone wireless charger in with every purchase. Palm also announced that the webOS will soon be able to pump out some 3d gaming action to which EA Mobile and Gameloft will be developing for.


The Palm Pixi Plus on the other hand(the original Pixi is still not available here in Blighty) will now be sporting WiFi which is an obvious must have on today’s smartphones.


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