Palm Pre Official Specs

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Over at our Palm Pre blog we just posted about Sprint releasing some official information regarding the Palm Pre.

Ok well we know most of the Palm Pre’s specification anyway but print just updated their site with the Palm Pre’s specs and it does include some nice bits of information.

The 2 main features to note is the inclusion of MMS and the ability to use the phone as a modem via Bluetooth or USB tethering.

USB tethering is quite important as it pisses me right off when I am travelling and want to connect to the net via my phone and I am unable to do so!

PreCentral also pointed out the following about the storage:

7.4GB will actually be available from the 8GB included, possibly implying the size of the OS is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 megs or so (though it's still unclear what the relationship between the 8GB of storage and RAM will be, and whether or not the Pre will use Program Memory RAM/Storage ROM/Mass Storage like Windows Mobile or have a simpler RAM/Storage setup like other phones).


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