Palm Pre may launch as soon as February?

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I will class this one very much as a rumour and take it with a pinch of salt, but we can hope. According to Intomobile the Palm Pre will be launching next month – possibly as soon as February 15. The tip seems a little weak with Intomobile stating

The tip comes from a TreoCentral reader that claims to have been tipped off by the same source that leaked the Palm Treo 800w’s launch date, but there’s little other evidence to give this particular rumor any credence.

However I suppose this rumour could be fuelled byt the fact that it has been reported that the Nokia N97 maybe landing in the UK on March 31st, so could Palm be trying to steal some of Nokia's thunder?

I am due for an upgrade in February so I will be holding out for whatever arrives first either the N97, Pre or maybe a nice new Android device!

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