Palm Pixi Specifications

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Palm announced the follow up to the massively popular Palm Pre last week, named the Palm Pixi we previously blogged about it when it was codenamed Eos.

Not much has changed since then it is still a full qwerty candybar running Web Os but now we have some more specific details on it.

It should arrive in the states for Christmas and will not include Wi-Fi, it is EV-DO Rev. A 9(won’t work in the UK) with 8GB of storage onboard, 2 megapixel camera (with flash), and 2.63-inch, 320 x 400 capacitive display.

In terms of the processor etc it will include 2 Arm cores on 1 chips with one being a 600MHz applications processor, and a separate 400MHz modem processor to offload some of the heavy lifting.

The gaming capabilities will be handled by a 200MHz, OpenGL 2.0-supporting GPU and then a 320MHz application DSP to handle multimedia on the device.

So some quite impressive specifications for a smallish phone.


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