Opera Mini 4.2 & Last.fm Application now available for Android

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last Last.fm has officially produced a fully supported application for Android, enabling users to listen to their favourite tracks & radio on the go. Last.fm is a popular music gateway where every track played by a user updates their profile and helps build a larger picture of what music each user enjoys listening to.

And for some more fun Android orientated news, Android Authority have reported that the 4.2 version of Opera Mini is now available. The fixes should make the browser much more viable for Android users.

The main fixes are supposed to include:

  • Access to the SD card for uploading and downloading, and for saving pages
  • Video playback hand-off, when needed, to the OS
  • Double tap zoom and unzoom
  • Built-in URL input box
  • Corrected password entry handling
  • Fixed problems with back function and when closing the app
  • Improved trackball speed
  • Using an extra large font for built-in pages

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