Online Safety: How To Track Your Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

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Unfortunately, keeping children safe online is not always straightforward even if your child lives under your roof and is in front of you 24/7! Many parents with access to their kids' devices such as smartphones or tablets will use all kinds of methods to keep track of what they're doing online.

If you want the best chance of knowing exactly what your child is up to on their smartphone and tablet, but don't really know where to start, read this article for some simple ways in which you can protect them from potential dangers without them even knowing about it!

With technology moving at an incredibly fast rate these days, many children are having access to different types of media that may contain information about things like drugs or any other prohibited topic. Your child may be able to access this without you knowing, and with most parents completely unaware of how their children use technology it's a serious problem that needs solving.

Luckily many companies have seen this gap in the market and have produced a load of different types of parental control software for both mobiles and tablets, which will keep any child safe from harmful aspects of Internet surfing.

The Most Effective Way To Manage Your Kids' Cell Phones

The most well-known type of parental control software is for mobiles, which allows you to monitor what websites your kid goes on, who they talk to via text or social media and if any information about drugs or other non-appropriate topics have been sent. The parent can also schedule a curfew, which will prevent late nights spent chatting with strangers online.

Not only does this protect your kid from the common sense standpoint that you know where they are at night time or when they're not at school but it will limit the amount of time that they spend on their phone as opposed to doing something productive like homework. When talking to your child about limiting their usage consider saying something along the lines of ‘you can only use it after 9pm'.

Best Parental Control Software Applications

The three most popular parental control software applications are:

These applications range in price but you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 – 150 for a yearly subscription fee. These applications track everything that is done on the device they're installed on so location sharing, browsing history, and social media activity.

How Do Parental Control Apps Work and What Are Their Benefits?

These apps work by tracking a child's location and internet usage. The application is installed on the phone being monitored and gives you access to all of their activity both online and offline. This can help prevent children from making dangerous decisions such as meeting up with people they have been speaking to online.

For example, a child could be using an online chat website and meet up with a stranger. If they have been tracked by parental control apps before this point, their parents will know where the meeting is to take place so they can contact the authorities. These apps also track everything from social media activity to which applications have been used so you'll always know what is going on in your kids's lives.

Final Thoughts

Parental control apps are a really useful tool in tracking your children's activity, both online and offline. They can provide peace of mind for parents who don't want to check up on their kids all the time but also want to make sure they are alright. If you feel like you could benefit from using one of these great apps then do not doubt and download it right away.

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