Online bonuses and discounts are practices employed by many establishments that sell products or provide services through the use of the internet. There are hundreds of websites that offer good deals with what they offer, and these deals have proven to be very rewarding.  

Types of Online Offers in the UK 

Here are the online offers and discounts you are most likely to find online. Their offers are accessible to UK buyers.  

Online Store Bonuses for UK: Online shopping is an established trend. More people are choosing the ease of buying their needs and wants in the comfort of their homes than actually going to real stores. But convenience is not the only thing online stores bring to the table, these stores also ensure their customers are rewarded for their patronage. Some of the incentives offered by online shops include seasonal promotions, end-of-the-month sales and random flash sales.  

Cashback Bonuses: Cashback bonuses are mostly found on cashback sites. These sites partner with online stores to pull more customers. Cashback sites get commissions for the promotion, and their reward is shared with everyone who visits the store through their sites. This is a smart program that benefits online shoppers, the cashback sites and the online stores. Since everyone is looking for the best deal they can find online, cashback sites come in handy. Some famous UK cashback sites include Quidco, Swagbucks, 20cogs and Boom25. Online shoppers should note that not all cashback truly reward their customers. When shoppers get rewarded it is always wise to withdraw their cashback fee as soon as possible.  

Online Banking Bonuses: Apart from the ease and speed that comes with online banking, there are incentives to be gained from making transactions online. While trying to keep their establishments in business, financial institutions continue to design new methods to make themselves more appealing to customers. Nowadays, one can simply get rewarded for opening a savings account, depositing funds or making transactions.  

A lot of online banks usually have a minimum balance requirement for their rewards. There are also give sign up bonuses and fees paid to customers when frequent transactions are made with their accounts. There are also virtual wallet accounts linked with debit cards. Each time a direct deposit is made into the wallet or the debit card is used to make purchases, the owner of the account stands to gain a monthly fee from the bank.   

Casino Bonuses: With the increasing number of these gambling establishments, each casino tries to carve a niche for themselves. One of the ways they do this is by creating bonus packages that help them stand out enough to make more player flock to their gaming halls. While some casinos reward sign-ups instantly, others wait till the first deposit is made. This deposit is then matched with a particular percentage of the player’s first payment. This type of incentive is called a welcome bonus

For regular players, online casinos make sure they are rewarded for their loyalty by outing a loyalty program in place. This loyalty programs and frequent bonuses means the more players wager, or play games at the casino, the more incentives they are eligible to get. In some cases, high-roller players get invited to exclusive VIP programs, which promises amazing returns and perks. While these bonuses are easily accessible, it is important for players to always find out the terms involved before they claim a reward. Players should also know they can choose not to accept a casino bonus by simply not claiming them.  

Some of the top UK offline gambling houses where players can find the best reward programs are:  

  • Hippodrome Casino (up to £1000 welcome bonus) 
  • Casino at the Empire (free drinks and food worth £15 for two persons) 
  • Aspers Stratford (lots of party packages and welcome bonuses) 

Online Bonuses for Taxis, Movies and Ordering Food 

Coupon shopping is a common practice in the UK, and an economical option that can save you a lot of money if done the right way. For food couponing, there are printable online coupons that can decrease your grocery budget remarkably. Although, coupon shopping takes a lot of time and effort, the reward is worth it at the end. Other useful coupons and bonuses you can find online are movie and taxi bargains that can help you slash how much you spend on movie tickets and taxi fares. There are lots of online vouchers and deals handed out by cinemas and taxis companies.  

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