One Boutique for the Whole World

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Harnessing the power of the Internet, this small Shanghai boutique is taking on the world. Modlily sells fashion clothing and accessories to merchants and private customers from virtually every country in the world — what makes it unique is that it’s more of a technology company than a traditional clothing retailer.

The Modlily business model takes a cue from other giant technology companies like Amazon. They partner with smaller sellers to make products available worldwide by handling the advertising, affiliate program, customer service, and financial transactions. The company provides a streamlined process for the vendors and takes advantage of the economy of scale for operations. The company itself doesn’t purchase or store an inventory of goods.

Pricing in different currencies provides financial flexibility

Modlily offers thousands of fashionable clothing items and accessories at incredible prices. The innovative technology platform they’ve developed gives the company the ability to display and sell each product in any currency. Buyers in each country view the items with fluctuating prices based off of the exchange rate of the buyer’s country. So no matter where the buyer lives, the price is the same.

The purchase process is a remarkable implementation of a just in time management strategy used outside the traditional manufacturing sense. Just in time inventory systems are typically employed to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods as needed rather than keeping a large inventory.

Leveraging customers as salespeople

In the same way that the company streamlined the buying and payment process to make it easy for anyone in the world to make a purchase, they also set up a reward structure for loyal customers.

The VIP program is an awe-inspiring use of strategically deployed technology which allows Modlily to offer a sliding scale discount to customers who buy more merchandise. It’s like an automated punch card that rewards customers, with a complex financial matrix that manages a widespread purchasing network.

Outsourcing customer acquisition to affiliates

The company pioneered a unique affiliate program as an alternative to traditional advertising. Affiliate websites can earn money by referring customers and sales to the website. The referrals are automated and generate payments on a massive scale. The unique approach has made the company a leader in selling fashion clothing.

Adding even more complexity to their business, the company offers Modlily coupon codes and flash sales. None of this would be possible without the deep commitment to state-of-the-art software.

Partnering with small businesses

The website makes it possible for any small, boutique retailer anywhere in the world to reach a worldwide audience. The company selects partners that deliver high-quality products reliably and empowers small businesses by helping them sell online without the hassle of having to build a large marketing organization.

Due to their unique partnership model, Modlily confirms the price of an item after an order is placed. They depend on their partners to keep inventories and prices up to date. On rare occasions, the company has to cancel orders placed if there’s an unresolvable error.


With a unique approach to business and a groundbreaking technology model to back it up, Modlily has made an impact on the world of fashion retail. From tracking trends to offering the latest products, Modlily’s tech platform makes it all appear seamless.

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