Olympus Tough TG-810 : “Tough Cam”

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We’ve seen a lot of new cameras coming into circulation recently with super tough exteriors, capable of withstanding anything we can possible throw at them, designed to be taken outdoors. Perfect for those who are little adventurous whether on land (hiking, rock climbing) or sea (scuba, diving) Soon there will be nowhere you can’t get that snap to put in your memory box. Also now it appears cameras do more than just take pictures. I reckon this is all down to the smartphone. A lot of people stopped using their standalone cameras due to how much better smartphone cameras have got and there being no need to have one, but with photography making a comeback the camera has to evolve and this Olympus certainly is your “missing link”


Firstly the TG-810 is rock solid. With a sliding double lock mechanism and metal lens barrier this camera is a tough cookie. It is shockproof to 2m can withstand cold temperatures to –10 and is waterproof right down to 10m AND can withstand a whole 100Kg of pressure on top of it. So sitting on it wont break it either. The body is also scratch resistant. As well as the usual cables, the camera is Eye-Fi compatible allowing wireless connectivity too.


Also packing a 14MP sensor the TG-810 has a plethora of other goodies and gadgets. Firstly for the outdoor country types it has a unique GPS system. Three sensors in all can have the camera tell which direction its facing(even when it’s switched off). It also utilises this function with 700,000 points of interest so should you get lost you can find your way home, or find your nearest petrol station. Add to that the functionality of longitude and latitude and it also tells you what the pressure of the air is. If you’re out rambling somewhere taking in magnificent countryside what better camera do you need. But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re using the camera underwater, it can also tell you water pressure so you don’t take it down too far and if operating the camera with the usual click button proves a little difficult, it allows you to take a photo by tapping the body (ie, if you’re underwater or got gloves on) To top it all off like the less rugged model in the series the TG-610, the TG-810 can also shoot 3D images as well. Is there nothing it can’t do?


Out this month the Olympus TG-810 should retail around the £280 mark.


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