O2 testing 4G

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The mobile giant O2 has been testing and been successful in the next stage of mobile information speeds. 4G mobile broadband can reach speeds up to 150Mbps. This will surely see an end to HSDPA and will see “LTE” as its known come to our mobile phones and other web devices in the future.


The Chinese company Huawei worked alongside O2 in the UK near to where O2’s headquarters are based(in the Slough Area) and managed to get download rates to the 150Mbps mark. Currently HSDPA can only get between 3.6Mbps or 7.2Mbps(but we all know this is just theoretical and never actually happens just like your home broadband).


This obviously isn’t going to be instantly out there in the market as its only the first successful test of LTE that has worked and apparently we’re looking at late 2010 at least before we see 4G dongles or phones out there, with more than enough capability of HD streaming over the mobile network. The speeds are also obviously a lot faster than current home broadband speeds so lets hope we can see an improvement there too.


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