NVIDIA’s next-gen GTX 2080 could be named GTX 1180 or 1185

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We previously posted that the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards could be announced as soon as April during GTC 2018, with availability for July.

New reports suggest that the naming scheme could be changing and that the company will officially name its next set of graphics cards the ‘GTX 11 Series.’

TweakTown has also reported the new generation may not follow the 80 /70 naming convention but instead 85 /75 in order to differentiate them more.

The architecture behind the new cards is still not confirmed, with the 2 likely candidates being Turing and Ampere. As it currently stands, we believe the next architecture will be Turing with Ampere being used for the HPC market.

Regardless of codenames, the new chips will be built on TSMC’s 12nm process technology and feature 16gbps GDDR6 memory from Samsung.

With the imminent launch 144Hz 4K HDR monitors, it will be interesting to see how much of a performance bump the next generation of GPUs will get and if they can get even close to running 4K at 144Hz with max settings.

What we can expect is that the RRP of the top end GPUs will set a new record which is partly thanks to the cryptocurrency mining boom.

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