The new Tegra Note has been announced which aims to target the low end of the market while still having reasonably high end features. The 2 main selling points appear to be the Tegra 4 with quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU (plus a fifth “battery-saver” core) and a 72-core GeForce GPU and also its stylus input which will make use of the Nvidia's DirectStylus technology.

However to keep the price down Nvidia have had to cut corners elsewhere, mainly with the screen which is a 1280 x 800 LCD display, it also has just 1GB of Ram.

Storage is 16GB and it is upgradable via MicroSD

Acording to Nvidia, the Tegra Note is the “world's fastest 7-inch tablet.” It will not be sold directly by Nvidia but resold by manufacturing partners including Oysters, ZOTAC, and EVGA.