Nvidia Shield TV Android Oreo update starts to roll out

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Even though the hardware is now 3 years old the Nvidia Shield TV is generally regarded as one of the best Android streaming boxes on the market. It is the most powerful device thanks to the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, which is the same processor found in the Nintendo Switch. It can comfortably handle any file you through at it and both Kodi and Plex work flawlessly on it.

In the UK it isn't quite perfect as some catch-up apps are not on it, so the Amazon 4K maybe a better option for many (it is cheaper too).

Nvidia has been good with updating the device too, so if like me, you love your Shield you will be glad to hear that Android Oreo is rolling out to the device.

Users of Nvidia's streaming and gaming box have begun to be notified that the ‘Shield Experience Upgrade 7.0' is available.

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The main change and the first thing you will notice is that Nvidia has bought a brand new home screen to the system. Where there was once a top row of large ‘cards' which featured a mix of your recent media, content from Nvidia and promoted content from Google, there is now a series of rows with smaller image thumbnails. Furthermore, it is all customisable, says Nvidia.

The following sections will make up your new home screen:

  • Your Favourite Apps: You choose the apps and the order! Hold the Select button on an app to move it. To access all your apps, hold the Home button or select the red Apps icon.
  • Play Next: Continue where you left off in TV shows, movies, and games. To add content to Play Next, navigate to the content and hold the Select button. Note: Not all apps support Play Next.
  • Channels: Discover new entertainment from your favourite apps. You choose the channels and the order. Navigate left on a channel to move or remove it. Note: Not all apps support Channels.

There are some other notable improvements delivered with this Android Oreo-based update. For example, Plex users might appreciate the fact that you will be able to expand your media library onto USB attached storage devices.

Elsewhere there is improved support for various games controllers, and high polling rate mice will be supported by Nvidia GameStream. Users are promised the latest monthly Android security updates too. There is quite a lengthy list of other tweaks, changes and fixes available on the GeForce forum, which you might want to visit if you own or are interested in buying an Nvidia Shield TV.

The global rollout of the Shield Experience Upgrade 7.0 will take place over the next few weeks, says Nvidia.

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