Nvidia receives back 300,000 GPUs after overestimating crypto mining & gamer demand causing delays to GTX 2080/1180

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PC users have had a frustrating couple of years with rising RAM and GPU prices. The DDR4 RAM issue could be due to price fixing and/or an issue with supply and demand with so many modern PCs and phones switching to DDR4.

With the GPU market, everyone has blamed the surge of crypto-currency mining but it now appears the Nvidia got a little carried away with themselves over-estimating the demand for GPUs. It was hoping the cryptocurrency mining bubble would continue at the same time gamers would put up with rising costs, but this has backfired and Nvidia has been forced to take back 300,000 GPUs from one of the ‘top 3' Taiwanese OEMs.

This has also caused some confusion as to when the latest graphics cards may be released. Nvidia's CEO said that PC enthusiasts would have to wait “a long time from now” until new GeForce cards launch. A few days earlier Nvidia had scheduled a Next Gen Mainstream GPU talk for August, at the Hot Chips Symposium, but that is hardly a long way from now. It now looks like that scheduled talk has been cancelled and replaced with a talk about Intel's High-Performance Graphics solutions in thin and light mobile form factors

What is unlikely, is that Nvidia and OEMs will do the sensible thing and lower prices to shift the excess stock, but we can live in hope



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