Nvidia graphics PCB leaks – Possible GTX 1180 or Quadro testbed

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Pictures of a new Nvidia test-GPU has leaked online, revealing Nvidia's first graphics card with GDDR6 memory, there is no word on what GPU this will relate to in the future but initial signs appear to be pointing towards a GTX 1080 Ti replacement which could be the GTX 1180/2080 depending on which rumour you believe.

Not a great deal is known about the graphics card apart from it having  twelve 8Gb(1GB) GDDR6 memory modules, which are all created by Micron and have a part number of 8BA77 D9WCW, which means that these modules are designed to deliver 14Gbps speeds each, which over twelve chips on a 384-bit bus equate to a total memory bandwidth of around 672 GB/s.  The 384-bit is the bit that may indicate this being a consumer card replacing the  GTX 1080 Ti. The Tesla Volta and Quadro GV100 both have 2 way NVLink connectors, this only has one way, which could also be another sign towards a consumer card.

This graphics card PCB has an NVLink connection three 8-pin power connections that can provide up to 525 W of power.  An over the top specification is common with test platforms as it allows the manufacturer to test a board with no constraints.

This would be the first card to use GDDR6 and the mass production of this memory was only announced this week.

Sadly, the timeframe of a new consumer GPU is currently up in the air, it looks like Nvidia maybe pushing the schedule back following a huge return of 300,000 boards from an OEM.

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