Nvidia gives away 32GB Titan V CEO Edition GPU

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For 20 lucky attendees of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference, Nvidia surprised them with a free  Titan V CEO Edition GPU. This unannounced GPU is a special version of the Titan V which has more than double the VRAM capacity than normal at 32GB.

While not really a consumer card, the Titan range has always appealed to the ultra-wealthy gamer that wants bragging rights as it typically offers the best performance possible. In reality, though, these cards are used for deep learning and other advanced GPU intensive processes and are actually quite affordable compared to the Tesla counterparts.

The current Titan V is a bargain at just £2700 but only comes with 12GB of VRAM and 653GB/sec memory bandwidth and 4.5MBL2 cache.

The new Titan V CEO Edition has a significant bump in spec including 32GB VRAM, 900GB/sec memory bandwidth and 6MB L2 cache.

Some of the specs have had to be guessed based on the data Nvidia have revealed, but what is interesting is that there is not much difference between this special edition and the 32GB Tesla V100 which retails for somewhere around £10k.

It is a strange stunt, but considering the press attention, it appears to be working. Nvidia has not announced if this will be commercially available, but building 20 bespoke cards would be an expensive affair with limited commercial value. So it is likely we will end up seeing this come to the market in some form or another.

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