nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB Launches

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6230-nvidia8800gts512We previously announced that nVidia was about to launch the new 8800 GTS 512Mb after nVidia accidentally added it to there product page. As of today nVidia has officially launched the card. As with the new 8800 GT this card is this card is based on the G92 architecture which uses a 65nm fabrication process.

nVidia has been making a bit of a mess with its naming conventions as the performance of each set of cards can vary wildly. The 8800 GTS is possibly the main suspect, there are currently 3 varieties out already. 2 using 96 stream processors with 320 and 640 MB respectively and 1 with 112 stream processors with 640 MB. The 96 Stream processor 8800 GTS had 1600MHz (effective) memory clock with 64GB/sec of memory bandwidth. The new 8800 GTS which uses 256-bit memory interface, hence 512MB, uses a 1940MHz (effective) memory clock with a memory bandwidth of 62.08GB/sec.

The old 8800 GTS had 6 shader clusters each featuring 16 stream processors, 4 texture address units and 8 texture filtering units adding up to 96 stream processors, 24 texture units for addressing and 48 for filtering.

The new 8800 GTS has 8 shaders, 16 stream processors, and 8 units for both texture addressing and texture filtering. This results in more shader and texturing power than the 8800 Ultra. Putting it simply the card is quite a bit cheaper than a 8800 Ultra but should manage to compete in terms of performance (with memory bandwidth limiting performance slightly).

Bit Tech have had chance to do a review of some of the new units with some excellent results. If you are really interested in the performance of these cards I would recommend you read their review.

Some of the main findings from the review included that the card had less power usage than the 8800 GTS 320MB while idle and slight higher under load. This is mainly due to the new 65nm process.

Overall the performance was very similar to the GeForce 8800 GTX while managing to be quite a bit cheaper than the GTX. The GTS should retail for about £220 inc VAT with the GTX being around the £280 mark.

If you are using a large monitor 1920×1200+ and your budget handles it, it is still recommended to use the 8800 Gtx or Ultra due to their increased memory bandwidth.

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