NVIDIA Drive PX Pegasus new level 5 autonomous car computer announced

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Most of us know NVIDIA as the gaming GPU manufacturer, but a large part of their business is producing computing platforms that are used in cars. Many of the top German manufacturers and Tesla all use the current generation NVIDIA computers, but these are rated at level 2 or 3 computers providing driving assistant or partial automation.

The new NVIDIA Drive PX Pegasus is a top tier level 5 computer that is capable of providing full automation under all environments. That means no pedals, no steering wheel, no need for anyone to ever take control. The new computer delivers 320 trillion operations per second, 10 times more than its predecessor.

The new NVIDIA Drive PX Pegasus AI computer is the size of a license plate and uses far less power than the current model. While NVIDIA is announcing it today, they won't even have dev kits available until later next year, and any kind of commercial release is farther off still. The board features two unannounced post-Volta next-generation discrete GPUs, which will be doing most of the heavy lifting. To put this in context, NVIDIA has only just started shipping Big Volta (GV100) for compute products, and smaller scale Volta GPUs are not expected until 2018, so we're looking at something quite far into the future.

With nearly every car maker pursuing car automation, and the forecast that car ownership will drop significantly in favour of ride sharing, it is important that NVIDIA stay ahead of the pack, they have the potential to have one of their expensive systems in every car produced in the future.

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