NVIDIA 3D Vision goes on sale

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NVIDIA 3D Vision is a clever little gadget that will bring 3D tech to your PC without having to buy a dedicated screen.

It is now on sale in the UK from a variety of retailers and works by lashing up a pair of wireless 3D specs to an infrared transmitter and use some software that displays two different pictures simultaneously, so there’s no flicker.

You should then get depth perception in PC games which should be handy for shooters.

You will need a PC running Vista and compatible graphics card and you will also need a monitor or TV that can run at 120Hz and higher.

Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision plus a 120Hz Samsung SyncMaster LCD should now be available for around £400


2 thoughts on “NVIDIA 3D Vision goes on sale”

  1. Man this seems a little pricey for an old technology with a wireless twist. Didn’t Asus put out 3d glasses with video cards a while back? I know it did not ad 600+ dollars to the cost of the video card.

  2. old technology? 120mhz lcd’s have just come out and are a vital part of this 3d experience, and GPUS have only recently become powerful enough to produce quality gfx at the rate of one sperate image per eye on games that are realistic enough to benifit are you from the future Anubis?


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